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The Italian Sartorial Elegance for Ladies

Our philosophy is to make a classic clothing of unsurpassable quality, but to push the boundaries through design, colour and cut.
We make a big distinction between a “nice” dress and a “perfect” dress. We want to be completely satisfied with our end product and our customer has to feel proud and confident in her Dolcera sartorial presentation.

We follow the entire transition from cloth to dress. Our garments are created from the finest made in Italy clothes, personally selected in different colouring, patterns and weights, all woven from precious fibres including silk, satin, brocade, chiffon, crèpe, damask, jacquard, taffeta, cashemere, lambs-wool.

We are committed to the ideals of exacting craftsmanship coupled with customer service. Our client is the focal point of the entire process. She can express her personality in the way she dresses. She expects value for her sartorial investment and she deserves comfort and fit which most ready-to-wear garments do not offer.

Each dress is a one off. No other person is going to wear the same dress. It is made for you so it suits you, it enhances you, it makes you feel confident.