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The Italian Sartorial Elegance for Ladies

Our philosophy is to make a classic clothing of unsurpassable quality, but to push the boundaries through design, colour and cut. We make a big distinction between a “nice” dress and a “perfect” dress. We want to be completely satisfied with our end product and our customer has to feel proud and confident in her Dolcera sartorial presentation.

Dolcera… an Italian Dream

When my wife and I decided to get married we had both realized that the success of a happy and healthy love relationship lies in a smiling and joyful mood, passion and dedication, all seasoned with a pinch of madness, to live together the great adventure of life.

When, in September 2016, I was diagnosed a serious health problem, we decided to fight our battle together and turn a negative condition into an extraordinary opprtunity. We were committed to keep smiling and enjoying our daily life together with that same optimism and pinch of madness that had made us fall in love with each other.

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